Tony Pomfret

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for an early title that was created by Ocean’s Tony Pomfret and had wowed David Collier enough to get Tony a job at Ocean Software.

The game was influenced by Choplifter, and featured a lot of raster interrupts, border and colour splits, visual effects and more. Dave was blown away by it.

Nothing would happen with the title, and it wasn’t even sold elsewhere – but Tony would later take the basis of the game to create Cyclone, which turned into Helikopter Jagd.

But what of the original game? We hope to get hold of Tony sometime soon to see what happened and if anything may have survived of the game. We suspect that it is sadly long gone, but you never know.

Contributions: Paul Drury, Retro Gamer

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