Money Minefield

Luna Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

Another potential GTW which was highlighted by Peter Weighill and comes from an advert in the June 1983 issue of Commodore Computing International.

The game was described as so:

“Drive through the mine filled mazes collecting as many money bags a possible before running into a mine. Challenging and fun for all levels of players.”

Interestingly, the other 3 games in the advert (see scans) are all in Gamebase and were published by a company called Luna Software. It is therefore very likely that Money Minefield was by the same developers (hence the credits for now).

Thanks to Richard Bayliss, the full C64 game was found on a Megatronix PD disk, so here it is all fully preserved and confirmed that the game must have had a release. Does anyone have an original?

Case closed.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Richard Bayliss

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2 Responses to Money Minefield

  1. The game came out for the Vic20, I own it, so it’s reasonably likely it did come out for the C64 as well, just no one has found it yet. There is also a Vic20 version of Firefighter iirc. Address on the box says Luna Software, PO Box 26922, San Jose, CA 95159.

    • Thanks for confirming Mat, Richard Bayliss has just found what seems to be the C64 version on a PD disk – so i’ll add that later.

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