Money Minefield

Luna Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

Another potential GTW which was highlighted by Peter Weighill and comes from an advert in the June 1983 issue of Commodore Computing International.

The game was described as so:

“Drive through the mine filled mazes collecting as many money bags a possible before running into a mine. Challenging and fun for all levels of players.”

Interestingly, the other 3 games in the advert (see scans) are all in Gamebase and were published by a company called Luna Software. It is therefore very likely that Money Minefield was by the same developers (hence the credits for now).

Thanks to Richard Bayliss, the full C64 game was found on a Megatronix PD disk, so here it is all fully preserved and confirmed that the game must have had a release.

Marco ‘Exile’ Das got in touch in February 2023, after finding a copy of the game in the wild. He has very kindly backed up the game and has provided a TAP image for the site, along with some photos of hte tape.

Case closed.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Richard Bayliss, Marco 'Exile' Das, Barry Sprajc

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Update history

  • 27/08/23 – Added developer credit.
  • 08/03/23 – Added TAP image thanks to Marco ‘Exile’ Das.
  • 27/02/23 – Photo of original tape, found by Marco ‘Exile’ Das.
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10 Responses to Money Minefield

  1. Hello, I am the original coder for Money Mindfield, both the Vic20 and CBM64 versions. I wrote these when I was 14 or 15 at my home in Campbell, California, right next the the city of San Jose. Luna software distributed the software and paid my royalties, which amounted to about $600 USD. As a young teen, I was pretty excited. Both games were written in BASIC and the graphics where designed using “Character Editor” which I also wrote and was sold by Luna software. The tapes where packaged in full color printed boxes, which was a vast improvment over the plastic baggies with photocopy insert. I am happy you have posted the game, as I would like to get an emulator and reply the game I wrote over 40 years ago.

    • Hi Barry, that is fantastic! Thank you for reaching out and confirming that this was your game. I’ll update the page quickly now with the correct credit.

      I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to re-unite you with your game and so that you can play it once more.

  2. i have found an original of money minefield in Birmingham. will dump it when i get home. will send you a photo

  3. The game came out for the Vic20, I own it, so it’s reasonably likely it did come out for the C64 as well, just no one has found it yet. There is also a Vic20 version of Firefighter iirc. Address on the box says Luna Software, PO Box 26922, San Jose, CA 95159.

    • Thanks for confirming Mat, Richard Bayliss has just found what seems to be the C64 version on a PD disk – so i’ll add that later.

    • I got Firefighter 64. Original packing and tape by LUNA software. I am also waiting for 3 other LUNA software titles, but not arrived yet.

          • Actually, I happen to find 4 Luna Software games released in UK by Gremlin Software.

            I bought that Firefighter from Luna Software, tape version, as you mentioned, but it will not arrive in a while due to slow shipping from the US. Same seller also sold 2 Luna Software games on disk (Hyperhen and Pedestrian), but I missed out on those. The disk versions use a larger cardboard box than their tape games.

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