California Games 2

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California Games 2 was the long awaited sequel which was supposidly available for mail order release in 1991 or 1992 by Tenex Computer Express. It is not certain if any copies leaked out to anyone in the public or not. The game was never marketed in the end.

This sequel offered five new events. You could maximize your cruising time over the California countrside in Hang Gliding, choose your ride and your course in jet Ski, master a barrel roll off the lip of a wave in Bodyboard, then freeze your toes off in snowboard. Once you’ve mastered the others, you’re ready for Skateboarding. Land yourself in the Hall of Fame or Shame.

A list of programmers and people who worked on the game, although not certain if these are C64 related, are as follows:

Programmers: Gil Colgate, Darrel Fetzer, Kevin Furry,Jesse Taylor
Graphicians: Art Koch, Matt Crysdale, Paul Vernon, Collette Michaud, Joel Mariano
Musicians: Chris Ebert, Bob Aron, Chris Griegg
Producer: Matt Householder
Additional Design: Tom Schumacher

Sadly Matt Householder confirmed our worst fears…

"I’m sorry to report that California Games II was never completed on the C64. I was directly involved in every finished version of CGII, excepting the Amiga. The C64 version was started prior to the 1989 bankruptcy and massive lay-off, however. So, some C64 art/code may have existed at some point. But, if so, I’m sure it has been lost. You should have seen the dumpsters full of trash — piles of floppies, cartridges, tapes…

Regardless, the Snowboarding and Hang-gliding events were conceived and designed after the bankruptcy. So, any C64 version wouldn’t have included them. We designed and coded from scratch all the events’ gameplay after the bankruptcy. "

GTW as a result originally closed the case… until something quite fantastic turned up…. again thanks to Wayne Billingham!….

Wayne confirmed something which GTW never knew…. Tiertex were ALSO doing a conversion of California Games 2… most likely after the collapse of Epyx and their conversion.

This sadly was also never completed, but about 2/3 events were completed and playable. The code was being done by Paul Cole, who coded Strider 2 for Tiertex. Apparently it wasn’t looking and playing very good, and so it was scrapped.

We recently got hold of Paul who had the following to say:

"Sadly I don’t have the code for the C64 Version of cal games II.

We started development either in 89 or 90. At Tiertex they were working on the Amiga and C64 versions of the game. Most of the events had had some work done upon them, but the game was pulled from higher powers (US Gold)

I don’t recall any reason for cal games 2 being pulled, just that all versions were stopped.

We started the project from scratch we had a copy of the graphics supplied to use ( Amgia I think ), that we ran through a converter to produce rough graphics to start with, but no previous code was used. “

Wayne has created an astonishing possibility that we could see something of the conversion!… Wayne is sure that he has all the graphics he did… and at the very least we should see something of the game soon for the first time ever…

See what Wayne has to say in Creator Speaks… but the question is…. what do we search for now?…. There seems to be TWO versions out there somewhere, so our search doubles…

Now how is that?…. two possible routes to finding this big GTW title at long last…

Can it really be found from Wayne?…

Contributions: Martin Holland, Wayne Billingham, Mat Householder, Paul Cole

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Wayne Billingham speaks to GTW about work on California Games 2...

"We did a jetski bit, high diving, and I cant remember any more. It was being worked on for C64, Amiga and ST probably..based on a CGA PC wasnt very good..

There was a coder at Tiertex called Paul Cole, and he did Strider 2 (which started out as a game for TOR, but it was so bad, the only way to sell it was to rip strider graphics into it and pass it off as a third rate game...I dont think I ever put it on my cv..I was only asked to spruce it up, but it was beyond I think it was Paul Cole.

I'd be very suprised if you can track down anything for Cal games2, and to be honest, it wasnt any good either, nothing like the Epyx games...remember it was Tiertex.... I learnt a lot there, it was my first job inhouse, i'm suprised they're still limping on doing phone/java things.."

Wayne Billingham.

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  1. There is no original California Games entry, but the series was originally proposed as “Rad (as in short for Radical) Games, but name changed after it was realised very few people would really understand what the Rad stood for..

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