Creatures 2 Bonus Game


Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Another rare sight from Apex Productions.

While Creatures 2 was in development, there were a number of ideas thrown around, and one of them was this very demo.

This was to be a Bonus Game within Creatures 2, where Clyde would have driven a car and taken part in a mini game. I’m assuming the game would have been similiar in Bonus Game style to those in “Ice Guys” and “CJ’s Elephant Antics”.

For reasons currently unknown, the idea was shelved (Possibly memory problems?). And sadly the game was never fully started to a playable state or included in the released game.

All that exists now is a parallax side scrolling road effect with some bushes that fly past. There is also a strange line at the top of the screen, which looks like telegraph pole wire without the poles. Possibly Steve and John never quite finished this effect.

Upon searching through the game’s code and sprites, there were found to be no traces of a car, but a Clyde set of sprites. These however are found to be remains of one of the released Torture levels, which you can possibly get running via a SYS call, which brings the assumption that the BONUS would have occured if you done something within a particular Torture Level.

Overall this is a glimpse of what could have been an additional feature to the excellent Creatures 2. There is nothing more to look for or to get from this preview, so it is something for fans of Apex to look at for curiosity’s sake.

From what was a great idea, which didn’t quite make it…

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