Captain Courageous

English Software

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Captain Courageous was an action game in the style of an Indiana Jones game, which was commissioned to Arcanum Developments to be completed. This team consisted of Mark Kelly, his brother, Robert McGowan, Barry Leitch and Alan Mac.

It apparently was stupidly ambitious with every level a game in itself according to Alan Mac. There were up/down scrolling commando style levels, diagonal scroller levels where you went down a river in a Dingy and a platform style game inside buildings. Sadly these were just on paper.

It is possible that these ideas may have been scrapped for something much simpler. It didn’t get very far, and Alan can’t remember doing any graphics for it other than the odd sprite and maybe a loading screen.

The guys apparently weren’t paid well, and got paid basically in Kebabs!, so they promptly left and did their own thing… thus the game was cancelled.

Music was created by Barry, and is in HVSC labelled as Arcanum.sid. This is all the music for the game, and you can download it here too.

C&VG had a brief news article on the game, with a shot of the game’s cover art (well, we believe it is as it accompanied the article), and said the following:

“Oh No!, It’s Captain Courageous – prettier than Rambo and twice as touch. Cap’n will be coming your way from English Software, after he’s dabbled in a bit of hair-rasing jungle combat, perilous river rides, sniper attacks and a helecopter rescue bid. Available from September for the C64 on tape and disc at £8.95/£12.95”

Not much else is known about the game, but we hope to find out very soon..

More soon we hope!…

Contributions: Alan Mac, Barry Leitch, Robert McGowan, Peter Weighill, Ross Sillifant

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Creator speaks

Alan Mac speaks to GTW about work on Captain Courageous…

“Captain Courageous was I guess an indiana jones type adventure arcade game thing, it was, looking back now, stupidly ambitious, every level was a game in itself really (up/down scrolly Commando style levels, diagonal scroller floating down river in a dingy, platformer style inside buildings) at least that was teh design on paper.

As far as I remember it didn’t get very far at all, or it changed into something a hell of a lot simpler. Dont remember doing many graphics for it anyway other than the odd sprite here and there (and bizzarely a loading screen?!?) although i did bugger off early on when I too realised that salaries were not in fact paid in hard cash but kebabs.”

Alan Mac .

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  1. Game is also mentioned in Issue one (Oct/Nov’87) of The Games Machine. P17 /News…if yer after the scan.


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