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Many of you will remember Paul’s great work for the Commodore Format powerpacks towards the end of its life.

Capture was one of many great little puzzlers which Paul created, and one of his best too. Sadly the game lacked a 1 player mode, so many couldn’t really play the game. Especially those without friends :)

After such a response from fans of the game, Paul decided to create a sequel with a special 1 player mode. The graphics were improved, new music added, and Paul spent many weeks working on a new AI to bring in a competitive computer player into the game. Sadly, all the work was too much and due to Paul having other big things to do, the game was scrapped.

In the end, Paul released everything into the scene, but only as a 1 player demo. This is all that remains of the game today, and the dream of a 1 player mode sadly gone.

Check out the Creator Speaks page to find out more, right from Paul himself.

Attempt at a sequel with a 1 player mode, sadly never made it…

Contributions: Paul Kubiszyn

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Creator speaks

Paul Kubiszyn speaks to GTW about work on Capture 2...

"Capture 2 came about after my sister drove me to insanity asking me to play the game with her. As well as receiving a few letters from fans of the original game asking for a one player option.

I decided to spruce up the graphics a little, and add in a computer opponent. I spent weeks working on the artificial intelligence and in the end just owned up to it sucking completely.

I had to make the computer score higher in order to win more often than not, which I didn't like. For this reason and other more pressing projects coming along I decided to release as just a one player version (if memory serves me correct). I then let the game loose on the demo scene / cracking scene, and that was the end of it."

Paul Kubiszyn.

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