Capture The Flag


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Capture the Flag is a brilliant two player 3D maze game which was available on a whole host of systems, such as the Atari and even the Vic 20!

The game was way ahead of its time, and gave a simple Capture The Flag game where you had to
capture your opponents flag and get back to base.

The C64 version was advertised in magazines along with the Atari and Vic 20 versions.

The C64 did get a conversion of "Way Out", which was a very similar game by the same developer around the same time. So why did the C64 never get a release of this particular game?… If a Vic 20 could manage it, then surely a C64 could too?

Anyway, today we are still without this conversion around 23 years on and we hope to find out exactly what happened to it. Contributor John has been looking for the game himself for many years without any joy.

Can you help us find out more about this almost non-existant conversion?…

Where has this game gone?…

Contributions: John

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