Chaos Lands

Everlasting Style

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A nice looking RPG, which seems to promise a lot to the game player in terms of presentation.

I’m not personally a fan of RPG’s, but this should have appealed to those who are fans. Unfortunatly, I didn’t know how to play the game.

The game icons are clear to see, and you can make out your army and other army’s. Music is good and suits the game very well.

Complication may have been the key to this game’s downfall… RPG’s I assume are not easy to create, and a lot of time and effort would have been required to get a good game together.

Seeing as it was 1997 when the game was being produced, games were not selling well at all.. and it could be this reason why the game does not today sit on our game shelves.

Unfortunate, but how much further did the game reach before being scrapped. Well, not much more it seems. Coma abandoned the game some time back, and apart from a new preview which we have now added and a different intro, this seems to be it!

Nice RPG, marred by its timing in the C64 calendar…

Contributions: Jazzcat

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