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Charge Amarda was to be a shoot em up with contributed graphics from Shaun Pearson and Andy Vaisey, with Jason Kelk to do the coding for the game.

Jason Kelk informed GTW64 that the game was being produced with input from both artists with a short deadline for Fusion 08 as a competition game. Unfortunately when it became clear that all the graphics may not quite be ready in time, Jason took the decision to take his Co-axis 2189 title (which was closer to completion) and finish 3 levels for the competition.

Charge Amarda was put into hibination and has been this way ever since. However, there are various builds of the game which Jason will make available in the future which features both sets of graphics from Andy and Shaun in action with a few test sprites (we think from Warflame).

Andy mentions his involvement in the game (as well as supplied some screenshots of his graphics):

"The other 128 chars of background GFX mentioned by Shaun were created by me! Or at least I have a very early version of them which I never really finished and fettled with. TMR did slot them in and I have a version of the ‘game’ with my GFX in."

We started to learn about the game at GTW64 originally after Shaun released his set of graphics in a Forgotten and Found 4 compilation on CSDB. Shaun tells more about his collection of mockups produced, and which you can download at present:

"Forgotten and Found 4
Aka: Shoot’em Up Mock-up Screens x4

Created 2008
Photoshop/Adobe [1989-2001]
Char Pad 1.0 /Stewart Wilson/Subchrist Software [2003]

Released 2011

T.M.R./Cosine requested some graphics for a horizontal colour scroll Shoot’em up. I can’t quite recall the details, although I do recall there being limitations. The game was to be single load. The Level was to be constructed using 4×4 Blocks using a maximum of 128 characters. The scroll area 12 screens wide. The remaining 128 characters were to be used to create another level (to be created by someone else).

During the creation of Level, Brain-storm thoughts emerged as Red planet, Mars, abandoned building, some forms of life – possibly cyborg. The yellow circular structure shows obvious signs of R-Type/Irem creeping into my thoughts.

Some sprites were created, although never animated, with the exception of an explosion, which used a total of 4 frames of animation. I was really happy how that turned out :)"

So apart from the graphics and small game demos testing the graphics, the game never quite made it and now efforts are being put into other projects by Jason.

We look forward to seeing the final state of the game soon and close this entry!

Close to being a case closed!

Contributions: Shaun Pearson, Andy Vaisey, Jason Kelk

Supporting content

Available downloads

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