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Bomico was a German software distributor, mainly for computer games. They had their own development department, later on turned into another company called Sunflowers. Sunflowers prospered considerably, releasing bestsellers like 1402 later on.

One of their Amiga and PC developments was called “Chartbreaker”, but as far as its known, it has never been released. It wasn’t unknown exactly what the game was about, though you could have a stab in the dark and say something about music charts… However, Marco (and also recently…) Joerg Droege (Nafcom) came across a flyer (which you can find under Scans) which once translated describes the game… (Thanks to Joerg for also translating for us!)

Welcome to the music business.

With Chartbreaker you will become the manager of an up-and-coming band which you have to help get their first mega hit.

You quickly realise: The first gold disc is always the hardest. You organise TV interviews, deal out record contracts and live concerts. On the hunt for record contracts you get the shock of your life, the organisation of a mega company is turning into a fiasco if you do not look after every tiny detail.

A brand new mix of interactive adventure and economy simulation. Absolute top graphics, digitized music, over 30 locations, ultra humorousc texts and a completely intoxicating story guarantee many hours of gaming enjoyment!

* Mega sharp texts penned by a professional satirist!
* On-screen text and manual completely in German!
* Over 40 locations!
* Complex cartoon graphics!
* Hit suspected original music!

Planned for PC, AMIGA, C64! Developed together with the experts from SONY MUSIC! Larry presents: CHARTBREAKER – From the demo band to the mega hit!

The C64 Version is probably not in English. One of the most valuable parts of the game should be the music, comprising dozens of songs by Steven Diemer (A-Man). Can we find anything?

In April 2024, we had a commenter called David, who saw the game in development whilst at Imagitec Designs in 1993. It sounds like only for the Amiga, but were Imagitec working on a C64 version too?

So its time to get searching for this one, if only for the music.

Contributions: Jimmy Nelson, Marco (exile / anubis / civitas), Joerg Droege (Nafcom), David

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04/04/24 – Imagitec link added.

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  1. I suspect a case of rampant feature creep killed this “Rockstar Ate My Hamster” as remade by Germans(!) affair – it went from over 30 location to over 40 locations just between the blurb and the bullet points!

  2. Hello.

    Imagitec Design (Dream Weavers) were definitely working on this game when I joined in late 1993. I was part of the art department and remember seeing some excellent scenes created in Deluxe Paint (Record Offices, Hallways, Studios etc). I don’t know much more about it unfortunately though, as I wasn’t assigned to the project.

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