Chute Pursuit


Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

This game was originally brought to the attention of GTW thanks to Jason Kelk, who reported that a guy called Ian Bean (Ian/Fusion) had contacted a C64 message board, asking for a game which he and a guy called Ted Carron did for Ocean Software called "Chute Pursuit".

He mentioned that the game included graphics which he later used for Fusion intros. Well, Chute Pursuit has been found, with in two different forms – Frexel, an early version of the game and the final release itself. This includes graphics which feature in the Fusion intros from the late 80’s.

The Frexel preview in the download is what Ted Carron sent around to various publishers, trying to find a publisher to finish the game for. This was found out after the actual note Ted sent, was found with the Frexel preview. Ocean Software decided to take on the game, and so Ted Carron and Ian Bean set to work finishing the game, which was renamed to Chute Pursuit for reasons currently unknown.

For unknown reasons, Ocean did not actually release the game in the end, even though the game was fully completed. Sadly the creators were not paid, as Ian tells GTW…

"Just wanted to say a big thanks for finding a partial copy of Flexel/Chute Pursuit.

The info you have about the development of the game has some errors. Ted Carron and I shared both programming and graphic design.

We were NOT paid in full for the game. (not that I am bitter!!!)"

The game is a average vertical scrolling SEU, with a strange parallax effect and some good bas-relief graphics.

In recent times the full game has surfaced on both Gamebase and highlighted to GTW thanks to Mason. It seems to have been cracked in its final state once Ocean dropped the game for reasons unknown. Although sadly the developers were never paid for their hard efforts, it is good to see that the game did actually make it out. It would be interesting to hear what Ocean remembers of this game, but the crucial thing is that this is a case closed!

Case closed!…

Contributions: Jason Kelk, Ian Bean (Ian/Fusion, Mason

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