Chronic Badger

Black Eagle

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A game planned with a character bearing a slight overweight resembelence to a famous Sega character.

The game is nothing like Sonic, though pokes fun at the game with an overweight badger instead of a hedgehog.

Chronic spins in funny fashion over a game in the style of Blagger. Its not actually that bad a game, very old style considering it was being developed in 1997. I would have said 1987 with its nostalgic feel.

Chronic must navigate around the levels, collecting as many milk bottles as possible before going into hibination.

Apparently the game was being produced for a disk magazine, though fell by the way side. Mark Walters is the man to ask, and hopefully he can help with GTW’s enquiries into this funny little game.

Recently found and added was another preview cracked by Onslaught which features Level 2, but is strangely dated two years earlier than the first preview we had of level one.

"Do me a favour, plug me into a C64"…

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