Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Coined is a rather simple game in similar style to Connect 4. The game for many years has remained a preview and was never to be completed until now.

The game was written as a bit of run before it was to be sold to Magic Disk – later the game was promised to Dark Crystal for free. The game however never got completed due to Vai leaving the scene in 1997.

Whilst stumbling through GTW, Vai noticed his 10 year old game and wrote to GTW – even offering the chance for us to release a completed game which he had in his pocession. Sure enough, after a bit of time Vai wrote back and released a new full version of the game for GTW to add to its archive. So here it is, get downloading! :-)

Check out Creator Speaks for more details about the findings – but all that is left to say is "Case Closed"!

Contributions: Nico van der Zijden

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Creator speaks

Nico van der Zijden speaks to GTW about work on Coined...

"I was just strolling through the GTW site and came across an old game preview I did 10 years ago. The funny thing is I was just looking through my old disks and found the old data's of the preview and even the full and as far as I remember the completed source code of this dull game.

Originally Ream/AlphaFlight’70 coded an intro for it but because of a faulty disk this is lost forever I’m afraid. Luckily I could save the logo done by Ream and the music done by Arne/AlphaFlight.

The game itself was fully coded in 1996, it was finished back than but never released because I wasn’t an active scener anymore. But I read some old notes about this game and maybe they are interesting:

I just wrote this game for a bit of fun and to try selling it to Magic Disk, later on I promised to Alex de Vries of Dark Crystal to give the game for free to them. Dark Crystal was a small software company doing some games for the commodore 64, they released a magazine called the Inner Circle and they hired freelance coders etc. to do some games for them, I thought it was my way in to do some game codings. It never worked out because I left the scene in 1997 and also a few more games were never spread (not finished either ;D)"

Nico van der Zijden.

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