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Collapsar was a cheeky little game which passed a certain resembalance to a classic Braybrook title.

Not quite as polished as the original Uridium classic, it was the fact that it was a clone that scared potentual publishers off the title.

Created by the people behind "Lunar Jailbreak", which controversially got released on the Commodore Format powerpack.

The game was pitched to companies, such as Codemasters who all were scared off by its resembalance. Due to the non-interest, the programmers didn’t fix the bugs which existed in the game, and it got shelved.

Recently Neil Kendall got onto the C64 scene, and started to convert his old disks, and explained the real story of Lunar Jailbreak, and also promised more unreleased titles, including this one.

And that is it… this is the final version of a long lost title which was too similiar to Uridium. Worth a blast though :)

Nice clone, but its downfall… Case closed…

Contributions: Neil Kendall

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Creator speaks

Neil Kendall speaks about work on Collapsar...

"Collapsar was never released because of its similarity to a certain Braybrook classic.

We could not get any company interested so we gave up on the game and that is why it still
has several bugs in it - we didn't see the point in fixing them so we went onto other projects
(Super Stuntman and Lethal).

Indeed Richard & David Darling of Codemasters Software said "Due to various technical and copyright reasons we feel unable to accept Collapsar at this time".

The game had been totally lost until an old disk turned up in a friends attic that contained Collapsar
among other files. I had problems trying to read the disk with Star Commander due to its Warp25 format so MayhemUK kindly re-froze the files for me into a format that could be read.

iAN CooG/HF then kindly un-froze the game and cleaned up the files before passing them onto Richard Bayliss of TND to be released."

Neil Kendall.

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