Counter Attack

O.I.C Ltd

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Our next game sounds rather familiar to a popular puzzler that we all love…. Check out the advert blurb…

"A game of strategy. Choose your colour, choose your rules. Blocks are coming down and across… But there is a twist in it! Calm control and cunning skill is required!"

Tetris anyone?…. Maybe, maybe not… but the description certainly describes something that could well have been an early tetris clone.

Apart from the advert, we haven’t seen anything of this game since the advert, and nothing certainly has surfaced. Could it be that this game is another case of "Company collapse" ?

Well, contributor Dumbflag has come forward and said tha he used to own the game many years ago, which sadly was dumped many years ago. The date may well have been 1984. So its suggested that the full game could well have been released and is out there. Can we find it though and close the case?

We know little else about the title, so a lot more research is needed… but promising news that this one is out there somewhere!

More soon we hope on this one!…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Dumbflag

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