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A surprise title next to put into the GTW archives – but one where sadly we may never see the full potential.

Croc was to be a very very late title on the C64 from Ash and Dave – approximately 1993 time we believe, and when they were busy already working on Micro Machines for the Sega Master System.

Not a huge amount is known about the game, apart from that it was looking to be a sort of Zoom clone by the looks of things, with a Croc as the main character.

When filtering through Ashley Routledge’s disks, we found some source code and some graphics – but when compiled thanks to Martin Pugh – there was little more than a short routine to show the main grid drop down (which looks great!). This seems to be pretty much it – and it was from one of Dave Saunders’ last backups from PDS.

Hopefully soon, we will hear more about the game and what the plans for it. Was it a new title intended for Codemasters? Was cancellation due to moving on finally from the C64?

We hope to find out soon – but for now, check out a short glimpse of the early work stages of the game.

Contributions: Ashley Routledge, Dave Saunders, Martin Pugh

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