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Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A nice little single screen western OP Wolf style shooter, with the added ability to choose your route of travel. This game was also slightly similiar in some aspects to Tusker. There was to be some puzzle solving elements in the game.

The graphics are great, and so is the animation and music throughout.

The plot is unknown, but the game plays quite well and feels like something commercial.

The game was never completed as the programmer had to go into an Acadamy, and so the project was sadly shelved. It seems that according to Zsolt, the game actually got a bit further than what is currently released and the sources may still exist with some extra features currently not seen.

The mystery has been a bit of a jigsaw, with bits and pieces of Liberator getting released everywhere separately. One of the game’s intro pictures was released into a graphics compo, and two tunes are currently in the HVSC which are linked with the game (This includes the tune in the preview, and an additional tune which was intended for the game’s title screen). Check out the MUSIC DOWNLOAD above to hear the tunes.

The preview seems quite big, and there are plenty of screens of action to play around with. A small indication of just how close this game was to being completed.

Hopefully in the future we will hear more from Zsolt, and maybe other developers from the game to find out more about this mysterious title… maybe even find more parts which are missing.

A fun little western game…

Contributions: Mariusz Mlynski

Supporting content

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Creator speaks

Mariusz Mlynski questions Zsolt Kemenczes about work on Liberator...

I have never finished liberator :-( Yet it was planned a big game with lot of game type like puzzles and adventures.. It was a same level like Tusker. But I never finished it because I left the scene. I had to go to academy.

Q) Is there anything left from the game, like sources, graphics, tunes or something like that?

A) Yes. At that time i gave a preview of Mr.Wax of Chromance to sell it but he cracked it :-( And made a first release of that preview

Q) You wrote that there still was some unfinished stuff left - would you have a possibility to find the disk containing it?

A) My c64 is at my old home at country side

Q) No need to access C64, just the disk with Liberator sources, graphics, music, whatever...

A) Ok. but i dont know where is my sources :( I hope i will find them!

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