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Now for something a little different for GTW, as this special entry is more a Intro That Weren’t than a Game That Wasn’t.

As you well know, the Rowlands were two famous C64 developers, creating the fab Creatures series and then going out with a bang with their 100% rated Mayhem In Monsterland game.

Before these games, Steve and John Rowlands had success with other titles such as Retrograde, and Cyberdyne Warrior. The latter hit some serious distribution problems, and pretty much it came out at the same time as Retrograde (The sequel) as a result.

Anyhow, the game DID come out – however, a little chunk of the game which didn’t quite make the final mastering, the introduction sequence and also a loading screen too. Why neither made it, we don’t yet know. The sequence and artwork has been sitting on a disk for years, until permission was granted from the Rowlands for the work to be added onto GTW.

It is a short but sweet introduction, featuring some nice graphics and animation. The main ship is awesome, and an indication of what was to come from the talents of Apex in those days. Your ship flies through space, slowing to land on the planet. It then lands deep underground, where the ship then rests. The Cyberdyne Warrior protagonist jumps out, and ends by jumping down into the underground while avoiding guarding droids.

There is no sound in the introduction, though maybe Steve has composed a piece which sits in HVSC that was mean’t for this?

Additionally in 2008, Jason (Kenz) Mackenzie has kindly dug out the unused loading screen too for the game, and this can be found in with the download!… Now we just need someone to patch everything together and release a 100% version!

We will try and find out why this never got mastered with the final game – we suspect it was a space issue or due to the issues with getting it published.

Contributions: Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie, Steve Rowlands, Andy Roberts

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26/04/23 – Tidy up of the piece.

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