Demigod 1994


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

When the C64 was dying out commercially, Jon Wells was trying to flood the C64 with new releases.

One of his ideas was to take the entire back catalogue of Clive Wilson adventure titles and update them with new graphics, music and intros. “ZZzz” in the end was to be the only title which saw the light of day from Jon.

Demigod was a solid budget adventure back in the day, and Jon was planning to give the game a new lease of life.

Sadly due to poor support of his other titles, this was placed onto the scrapheap… possibly before anything was ever started. Did anything get started?

We hope that Jon will shed some light soon on his plans, but its likely that we may never get to see anything here and close this case early on.

An intriguing remix which would be interesting to find out more on…

Was this ever started?…

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