Denny’s Quest 2

Sunrise Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Denny's World

A short entry for a sequel to Sunrise Software’s Denny’s Quest, which was released in 1993. Thanks to contributors Ponponpox and Botowrap, we learn that a sequel was being offered via a small advert (which you can see in the scans).

Was this sequel ever started, and did anyone happen to get a copy from the offer? We believe that it would have been by the same programmer, and very likely using the same engine with different levels.

Further digging by DMX87 found a post an old newsgroup which suggested that the game was being sold as late as 1997. Further investigation found an advert in Commodore World magazine in issue 21/1997, where Denny’s Quest was advertised once more. However, this time – Denny’s Quest 2 is listed as Denny’s World (or at least it seems right to assume!)

So it seems Denny’s Quest 2 was delayed for some reason, and then was to be resurrected as Denny’s World. Did it ever finally see completion? Did anyone get a copy?

DMX87 finally got hold of the author in 2023, and did an interview with them – in the interview, Philip is asked about the sequel and responds:

“I was planning on a sequel(s), but since I got practically no interest in the original, obviously there was no reason to proceed with it.”

As a result, and although advertised – it means that there is nothing of the game to find – so therefore it is a case closed!

Contributions: Ponponpox, Botowrap, DMX87

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Update history

03/08/23 – Case closed already.  Confirmed that it was never started due to poor sales of first game.

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