Konix emulator released with AMC’89!

After many months of development and the recent discovery of the remains of AMC’89, the Konix Emulator has finally been completed and the first public version made available.

It is a monumental release of an emulator for a console that never was. After years of research and digging, this has been made possible thanks to Mark Campbell’s dedicated hard work and belief that its remains could be recovered and preserved.

Of course, the highlight of the emulator is the inclusion of a compiled version of Attack Of The Mutant Camels 1989 – a game we never thought we’d ever get chance to play. Now we can play an early version. In addition to this, Mark tells me that Jeff has given permission for the source code to be released as well – so there is potential of the game being finished or even ported to other platforms. Exciting times!

Go check it out and grab the emulator from: http://www.konixmultisystem.co.uk/index.php?id=news

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