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Yet another collection of educational titles which don’t seem to be out there just yet, thanks to Peter Weighill for the heads up. Were they unreleased, or merely just limited release?

The titles advertised in US magazines by Gladstone Electronics was:

  • Alphabet Factory
  • Match-up
  • Adding machine
  • Take Away Zoo
  • The Word Bird
  • Time Zone

None of the games have been preserved just yet, though the Atari/Apple editions could well be preserved already.

It has recently been confirmed that “The Word Bird” and “Time Zone” were developed by Kevin Kieller and John Traynor (who created Jack Attack). The games and Alphabet Factory were designed by Jill Golick as part of her company Teego Software.  Word Bird (Commodore 64) won a Parents Choice Award and was reviewed in Creative Computing – so it should be released and out there..

Do you know anything more about the titles, and if so can you help us preserve them?

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Kevin Kieller, John Traynor, Jill Golick

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Update history

  • 27/08/23 – Added designer details (subject to change, as may have been developer)
  • 16/10/22 – Coder details added for two titles.
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  1. I am the creator of Word Bird, alphabet factory and time zone. I have copies of all three. If you’re interested,reach out.

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