Doomsday Blues


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A new GTW entry as suggested by Dumbflag… Doomsday Blues is described as follows (thanks to

"Known as Eden Blues to French readers, this is another adventure action game from ERE. You’re a prisoner who tries to escape from a high security jail. You have to avoid the robots that patrol the compound and find food, wine and coffee (it’s a French game!) to restore your health. The graphics are really good and manage to create a gloomy atmosphere. Your character is funny, even when he dies, which will happen very often. The game is very hard indeed; every move you make costs health points. You have to bash doors to progress (which lowers your strength) and your vitality decreases every second. So it’s nearly impossible to stay alive for more than five minutes. Without this flaw, it could have been a really good game. "

Sadly the game was never to make the C64 and Spectrum platforms as promised. These promises were made in the adverts that came in the magazines. It should be intresting to note that ERE only produced one game on the C64 – Battle of Midway which was released by PSS.

Looking at the Amstrad version, it certainly isn’t a game that the C64 cannot handle, it seems strange that it was cancelled. Dumbflag suggests it could be due to the Amstrad version not selling well, which is possible and maybe back this suggestion up. Maybe ERE went bust?, but I think they actually went on to produce other games (Not many C64 ones though). Maybe its because the C64 was not too big in France that they didn’t bother?… Who knows?

We need to find out more, and much more research is needed for this one. Its very early days yet.

Can you help?…

Contributions: Dumbflag, Patrick Furlong

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