Drivin’ Force

Digital Magic

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another game which was mentioned as in development by Digital Magic, which was a driving game of sorts mentioned in one of the big magazines at the time (Any ideas which one?). Advert here.

Nothing seems to have surfaced regarding a C64 version of this game, but the game did surface in 1990 on the Amiga, and we got a kind of Powerdrift clone on quad type vehicles. A rather ambitious game to port to the c64, but after seeing Chris Butler’s excellent Power Drift conversion, it could well have ported ok.

The mention seems to have been quite brief of a C64 version. The scanned advert (Thanks to Lemon Amiga) shows no sign of a C64 version… so its likely that the conversion ran into troubles and was dropped early on.

Still… we wanted to find out how far it got, why it was cancelled and if there was anything to salvage… even if was just a sprite. However, Ste Pattullo confirms that no C64 conversion was being done, even though a magazine stated it.

Had the game been started, Ste would have been working on it. Unless an external company did work on it, it looks like the case is closed on this one…

Can anyone else shed some light?…

Contributions: Ste Pattullo

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