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Dynaboys is a pretty impressive early Dynablaster clone from 1993, which ironically looks quite close to the official C64 conversion that never got released. It’s quite uncanny actually, and I wonder if its related to that development at all? Or maybe the developers replicated from the advert screenshot?

There’s still plenty of work to be done, but this demo has quite a few features already – and you can play a game of Dynablaster – with bombs that explode and bricks that disappear.

It’s a shame that it never got finished, as back in 1993 the C64 market could really have done with the conversion. Luckily we would get some decent Bomberman clones in the end.

Due to the date – I am really curious as to whether this was meant to be an official conversion at any stage. There just seems to be a few co-incidences in relation to the abandoned official conversion (dimensions of the play area etc).

Do you know anything more about this preview/development?

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