El Moringe

Amico Bit

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

el moringe 01

An Italian title which may have been released, but is currently missing and yet to be preserved. Can you help us and ready64.org to recover it?

El Moringe was an intriguing arcade title, which seemed to have a series of different scenes and tasks to complete. Similar to Aztec Challenge perhaps?

The game was due to be released on Amico Bit, issue 5 – and had screenshots on the front. However, the game was for some reason not mastered onto the tape and another game instead was placed there. Sadly, the error was never rectified and it isn’t known why this happened.

As a result – the game is still at large, and much is still not known about it overall – including who the programmer and artist were.

If you know anything more about this game, please do get in touch.

Contributions: Roberto Nicoletti

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