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A very obscure title which was mentioned and only had the title of “Sideways SEUCK game”. Now this was not long after the unreleased Breakthrough, and we assume that RR Software may have come up with their own tweaked SEUCK engine.

What was the game like?…. According to Commodore Cracker 9, the game was half finished at the present time and they were unsure whether to release the game due to the threat of piracy. If released the game was oddly to be released with a wordprocessor, another game called Little Dome Folk and Supportware Pack 1 as a bonus. The game would scroll partly sideways and partly upwards.

We don’t know much about the style of the game, but apparently the title would feature extra lives enhancements and the proposed release was to be September 1995. It never appeared.

Well, thanks to Vinny Mainolfi – we’ve been able to preserve the disk with the demo on … GTW64 has updated the SEUCK demo to open up the rest of the game. The sideways trick was just the sprite bullets on a static screen trick which Alf Yngve used many a time. The game itself was very simple, but then Rowan was very young when doing the game.

We believe this is as far as the game got before being cancelled!

More research needed!

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi

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