Elevator Action V1


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

As well as the dire Quicksilva version of the arcade classic, it seems that we were due to be given another version by American firm, Datasoft.

Sam Poole, the president of Datasoft, spoke to Zzap 64 in issue 13 about various releases from Datasoft. It was here which he mentioned about Elevator Action and had the following to say:

"As far as Elevator Action goes, the licensor, Taito – we originally had the licence but they pulled that back, so it will probably never be released."

Indeed the game was never released, as Quicksilva for reasons unknown were given the conversion to do. And boy didn’t they mess it up!

So how far did Elevator Action get before it was cancelled by Datasoft?…. That is the question, and one which we need to try and find out. First of all we need to see who the common programmer was at Datasoft for the C64 and see if it brings any leads. It is likely that the same programmer of Zorro was behind this too. We’ll try and find out asap.

Sadly there are no screenshots to show as of yet, so we don’t know what their version would have been like. There is no doubt though that it couldn’t have got any worse than Quicksilva’s attempt.

More research needed!

Contributions: Chris

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  1. I seem to recall having a version that was different that the one that is all over the ‘net these days, I had a pirate version on a disk(might still have it..)the graphics were better but it was frustrating because you would still get hit by bullets when ducking, they would collide with the players hair…..

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