Empire Strikes Back


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Brought to the attention of GTW by Commodore Zone magazine from their Star Wars special edition.

“Empire Strikes Back” is (Surprise Surprise) based on the famous Star Wars film, but is not the official game, but a rather groovy looking Defender clone.

Fans of the Atari 2600 VCS version of “Empire Strikes Back” by Parker Bros, will instantly recognise the game, with the addition of great music and cool graphics. This is essentially a conversion of the VCS game, and not the arcade (Which was vector based).

Currently GTW lacks information on the game, apart from some credits which you can find to the left. Rob Hubbard’s music has been ripped from another game, so you can assume that Rob was not to be the main musician. Maybe they had someone else in mind for later?

The exact details of the plans for the game is also quite shady too. Nothing suggests that any company were due to sell this, and only contact with the developers can shed more light.

Until then, enjoy a gorgeous parallax scrolling preview of a promising Star Wars game..

Princess Leia is going nowhere just yet…

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  1. That’s “Princess Leia”, not “Princess Lea”.

    How can you slaughter such a famous name?

    The grammar of a lot of entries here also have a lot to wish for. What kind of illiterate mongrols do you let type these entries? Come on, english is the easiest language in the world, it’s not demanding or difficult, or have mysterious rules that are hard to figure out.


    • Wasn’t sure if this was elaborate spamming (hence the comment snip above), but just in-case…

      Apologies Korekutaa for disappointing you with our clear lack of grammar skills. In the case of this entry, we have now fixed the issue as we do thankfully when such issues are pointed out. Our only excuse is that it’s probably because we spend more time being polite and courteous to others, rather than worrying about our grammar. The balance is obviously inexcusable!

      I suspect we’ll burn in hell for it eventually – so that’s us fucked!

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