Erik The Destroyer

Crystal Software and Electronics

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Crystal Software and Electronics were an ambitious software house trying to save the C64 gaming market back in 1997 with a large range of planned releases. Sadly it wasn’t to be, and as with other companies – it was found not to be a financially viable proposition to try and make money out of the C64.

Out of the newly planned titles was "Erik the Destroyer" a C128 game which was described in adverts as follows:

"This game will actually feature an existing person from our staff. This guy is called Erik and he has got some real Rambo aspirations. The game will incorporate a platform style beat’em up with many deadly monsters and mutants. Available late October 1997."

"Fight through a fantasy world in this platform style game…. From a little criminal, Erik turned into a mad man, intent on getting out of baddy land and into our own through a trans-dimensional port hole!"

This is all we currently know about the game, so its early days and we hope to find out more soon about this one!

More research needed!

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