Famous Five 2

Patrick Furlong

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

I was a big fan of the Famous Five adventure based on the first book since Amstrad Action gave it away on their covertape and was dismayed when I found out it was just a one-off. So I thought I’d create another one. Logic told me I should use the second adventure as the basis for it although I wasn’t too keen on the story.

The first thing I did was to program the Kirrin Cottage locations into GAC for the game – I cheated and used the map from the first Famous Five game but I added a room or two. I also added a simple way to discover the Secret Way in one of the rooms and I think one of the last locations I created was the start of a lengthy tunnel.

Work was scrapped on this after a month of work, due to lack of intrest and the only remaining back-up was stored away.

However, last year, our apartment in Venice flooded and caused a lot of damage valued at thousands of pounds. Last week, we were given a small box of items salvaged by the contractors (who only just got round to returning them to us) and in the box along with damaged baby photos and stuff were a pile of 3.5″ discs.

Most were unlabeled, some were marked ‘Emma baby photos backup” and one wet, damp label read: “Five Go Adventuring Again. C64 emulator backup”.
I stuck this disc in my old desktop machine but it wouldn’t work properly so I pulled a few favours and got a friend of mine to have a look. Also by coincidence, I found my original notes including what I had done with the project.

Sadly the disks didn’t work, so this game is now lost forever. Someday the original notes may get added to this entry, but otherwise it is…

Case closed…

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