Fairlight 2

The Edge

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You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that Fairlight 2 was due for the C64 as well as the other platforms. The people who confirm this are The Games Machine, who mention in the Spectrum review that the C64 conversion was coming soon.

As you well know, it sadly never quite happened and Fairlight 2 never surfaced on the C64 as intended. One thing we don’t know is if the game was actually started for conversion and infact if there were problems with it being converted too.

Trevor Inns had the task of porting the original version across with good success, so was he to do the sequel too?… Well, Trevor confirms he did not, but we are now in touch with the man behind The Edge, and hope to find out more very soon.

The Games Machine (issue 1, page 127) gives some info stating it was to be a 2 parter – with the C64 version released as a twin pack as “Fairlight The Legend” back to back with the original. Of course this never happened in the end!

For now, you can check out the Spectrum conversion for a good indication of what the game would have been like. It no doubt would have been a straight spectrum port like the original anyway.

More soon on this conversion we hope!…

Contributions: Trevor Inns, Brendan Phoenix

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