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Our next entry in GTW64 comes in the form of a Pacman clone which would have featured a overweight Batman character.

Here, in true Pacman style fashion – you would walk around a city map eating hamburgers until clearing to progress to the next level.

The game was a Norwegian game that was never finished, and there were two versions of it finished according to Roy Widding. The game was being produced by Geri Tjelta (Music), Rune Spaans (Graphics) and Endre Stølsvik (Code).

The SID’s currently exist in HVSC, though Roy has already dug out a loading picture which you can see here – and we hope to even see a playable version at somepoint in the future. The loading screen we do not know if it is finished or not.

It isn’t yet known why the game was cancelled back in 1990/91 time, but we hope to find out soon!

Please note, but this is not the same game as the Amiga title that was released in 1994… http://www.lemonamiga.com/games/details.php?id=1399

Watch this space for hopefully something playable!

Contributions: Roy Widding, Mark Hellewell

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06/09/15 – Quick note about Amiga game with same name, but not the same.

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