Welcome to hell


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Welcome to hell is a game which does not have a huge amount of information available currently. It was found on the preserved disks of the late Jukka TapanimÁ¤ki with no real context or information about it.

We assume that a friend had given a copy of the preview to Jukka back in the day, and it was swiftly forgotten about. There seems to be no other trace of it online, so it is a crucial finding to ensure at least part of the game has been preserved.

Overall, it is very rough around the edges – looks great, but very frustrating to play with constant deaths at the start. But its a promising title overall. However, did it get any further than this?

We have some basic credits from the game’s title screen, but who are they exactly? And can anyone help shed some more light on this title?

For now, check out the preview of the game!

Contributions: Jukka TapanimÁ¤ki

Supporting content

Available downloads

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