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One of our last games to focus on from Psytronik which never saw the light of day is Fighting Cops. This seems to be the 5th game in the series, following on from the other unreleased SEUCK “Cops” sequel, “Cops Fight Back” (Which is believed to be complete, and was a kind of Red Heat style of game – which we may see some day!)

This was mentioned in the same news snippet as CFB, so we assumed that this was therefore a new game being done. It was believed originally that it would be your typical SEUCK game with the usual standard from Alf, but actually it turns out it was rather different!

Fighting Cops was to be a one-on-one fighting game based on the series and a complete branch away from the SEUCK series. Alf produced a screen test/demo proposing the idea, and it basically had animated multi-sprite characters moving left and right and jumping on-screen. It featured 2 players and a few enemy characters that were supposed to punch and kick.

Alf couldn’t make the game obviously in SEUCK, so from Alf’s point of view it would be up to someone else to pick up the game. Had Psytronik taken off more at the time back in 1994, there is a good chance that the likes of Jon Wells or Jason Kelk could have picked up the idea and produced a game from Alf’s graphics, but sadly due to Psytronik disappearing early on, the idea of Alf’s was left to gather dust.

Where today Psytronik has risen from the ashes and the possibility of seeing Cops 4 – Cops Fight Back could well become a reality at long last, Fighting Cops may be another story. It is believed that Kenz may still have remains of the test demos which Alf did, so we could well see these some day soon!

A fighting shame this never quite made it

Contributions: Alf Yngve, Jason Mackenzie

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Creator speaks

Alf Yngve talks about Fighting Cops

“A “screen test”/demo for a proposed Cops one-on-one fighting game.
Basically just animated multi-sprite characters moving left and right and jumping on-screen: the 2 players, plus a few enemy characters they were supposed to kick and punch. I couldn’t make it work using only SEUCK, so it never got beyond that test.”

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