Fight For Freedom


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

This is a title I first saw and my jaw dropped when I saw how great it looked. This was back in about 1993 and the magazine was Commodore Force, and they used to have a PD section which took a look at various demos and disk magazines. One particular disk magazine had a preview of "Fight For Freedom", which was the very game I talk about now.

This game was brought to my attention again by Richard Bayliss, who also saw the game in the same place. It seems this great looking little game never quite got finished.

It is a kind of "Wizard Of Wor" clone, with flash graphics and nice animations. However, from the preview.. things are lacking and maps are quite shallow to run around in. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal to do apart from shoot each other. By pressing some keys on the keyboard, you are able to select different weapons, including a sheild to reflect bullets away.

There seems to be some kind of Pacman style transporter in place, but its not working in the preview.

But was the game completed?… Well, sadly it wasn’t and all that remains it seems is to be about 4 levels and some unused graphics. Jazzcat recently fixed up some remains which were sent to him, which include some previously unseen graphics of the game’s loading screen and some other unused test graphics. This could possibly be it. There was sadly no music. Check out the download for the new additions.

Certainly, this seems to be a simple game made for a German Disk Magazine, which never got quite completed. A shame really. Hopefully we will hear more from Peter himself very soon.

More to come we hope…

Contributions: Richard Bayliss, Hein, Jazzcat

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