Forbidden Planet


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Also known as: Freddy Hardest 3

A very vague entry this time, and not to be confused with the Spectrum game of the same name by Design Design (1986).

A brief mention of this game was given in the end sequence of Freddie Hardest – Manhatten (Guardian Angel). But the game was never seen or heard of. This was to be the next game of the developers

We’re not entirely sure what this game would have consisted of, but we are guessing that Dinamic went under just before the game could be finished or released.

However, developers of the C64 version were known as Iron Byte, who were a Uruguayan group. They originally started as a hardware company called HiLow Computers, and then transformed into a software development team called Iron Byte.

Thanks to info from contributor Nemo, we lean from an interview at Micromania Segunda Epoca (Spanish) issue 35 (April 1991) that their core team consisted of Juan Gaspar, Juan Arias, Carlos Galucci, Fernando Veira, Jorge Gil, Roberto Eimer. They occasionally collaborated with the Arias Brothers, Ricardo and Ramiro.

Maybe someone from the team will get in touch, or we can find them and find out more about what this sequel would have consisted of.

Contributions: Pete Dabbs, Nemo, JazzGhostrider

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  • 20/02/24 – Ending screenshot thanks to JazzGhostrider
  • 02/10/16 – Developer names added thanks to Nemo
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  1. I have known and talked to some of the members of Uruguayan (please correct) development team Iron Byte, the same people behind Freddy Hardest in Manhattan and Narco Police. They also did some mockup or concept games like Batman – the puajj edition! (3D isometric). I will try to contact them and clarify about development on this title, and who knows, perhaps someone still has some code and/or art from this game.

    • Hi Diego, that would be fantastic – thank you very much! And apologies about the spelling error – not sure how that slipped through!

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