FSS Liberator

Nebulae Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

FSS Liberator

FSS Liberator is an interesting title which was given a large advert treatment by BigK magazine in around 1985.

Sadly, the scan we viewed couldn’t give us the textual details clearly enough, but we managed to find some credits and also details of the game containing about 29k (?) of machine code, 19 sections and professional 3 part space music.

Nebulae Software is a company I was previously unaware of until this game was brought to my attention by Peter Weighill. I am not sure how long they lasted, but certainly I’ve never seen anything released by them.

Was this their first and only game?…. Was it ever completed?… Why was it never released?

Well, yes it was completed… and soon after putting up this entry into GTW… Peter came across the actual game on Ebay, though without any inlay. The C64 version came with the BBC version on the reverse side. So this is confirmation that the game did get released, but is quite scarce.

The TAP image available now thanks to Peter contains the Novaload loader, possibly with some unheard music. The game itself is nothing spectacular, and really the poster was more impressive than the game. But its safe and found now, and has been preserved for eternity on the C64.

Game found, and case solved!…

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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