Fun Flyer

Fisher Price

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

An educational game from Fisher Price this time, and one of a few titles which never got shipped by Roger Pedersen.
We aren’t sure yet if he had any development time on the C64 version, or the Apple. Most of the time Roger talked of how easy it would be to convert from MSDos to 64 and Apple….

We don’t actually know too much about this game, but Fisher Price did a lot of educational games on the home computers in the early 80’s, and Fun Flyer would have likely been another one of these.

The title suggests that the game would have involved planes or something along those lines. Possibly it was a game which taught about Geographical locations on a map, in similiar vein to Mail Plane on the Vectrex. We are only guessing though.

We hope to get in touch with Roger Pedersen and find out more about what happened to these games. The email address
we had for him has sadly expired, and it may be a bit tricky now to get in touch with him. Does anything exist of this game now?… Or is it another educational game to join the graveyard with Razzmatazz?

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Unknown

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