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Another puzzle game which i’m not sure exactly what you have to do.

However, I can tell you that the game features some nice graphics and sound.

This game was obviously being created in the aim of being sold commercially, though a company hasn’t been named in the game.

It’s not known if a company did show interest in this game or not, or whatever happened to the game. The game looks pretty much complete at the stage you can see. Possibly just a few more level designs were needed.

Does anyone know anything about this game?…

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  1. The aim of this game is to assemble the squares that make up the picture on the right hand side (in the same way that you would assemble squares to make a specific molecule in Atomino). In the above example, the peace sign is made up of four squares that have to be pieced together in the right shape, so you start off by shifting the grey piece on the top right hand side, sliding everything together Puzznic style.

    This puzzle is reached in the menu by hitting 2 to give you ‘Scene 1’. Hitting 1 gives you the intro screen, which has the option to read the instructions (it doesn’t provide you any), or to start the game (which doesn’t work). Hitting 3 gives you ‘Scene 8’ which is an exceptionally difficult puzzle.

    It should be noted that this preview is version 2. To play version 1, grab the t64 file from Gamebase64:

    Version 1 has a different puzzle and a clock that actually counts down. I solved the puzzle in time, but nothing happened and the clock just ticked back over.

    In version 2 looking at the puzzle above, the clock stands still until you solve the puzzle, and then rapidly counts to zero. The graphics then glitch, and the game dies, taking you back to the Basic prompt. I theorise that version 2 was probably trying to implement a system of giving bonus points based on the amount of time left. I’ve not been able to complete the above puzzle in under 2 minutes, and the game then dies once the puzzle is solved. I therefore put this challenge here for the community to find out: If you can do this puzzle in under 2 minutes, does it take you to the next level?

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