Galactic Conqueror


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Galactic Conqueror was described as a an action and strategy game by Titus Interactive. According to sources, the game was infact released in 1988 for Amstrad CPC, Amiga (, Atari ST and DOS.

The Games Machine magazine in March 1989 mentioned that the Spectrum and C64 versions were coming soon along with the Amstrad version, but it seems that only the Amstrad version made it. Not surprisingly, as the Amstrad was much bigger in native France than the Spectrum or C64.

The game had mixed reviews, and the Amstrad version was a bit crap… . But did a C64 or Spectrum version ever get under way?

With past records, we doubt much was ever started, if indeed anything at all. Though we must chase all routes and see if anything *did* get started before we can close the case which TGM has made for us.

Do you know anything more about such a conversion?… Get in touch!

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