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Our next game is a title which was due for release in 2010 by Richard Bayliss. Richard as you know is a prolific game creator, and Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge was to add to the impressive list of game titles under Richard’s belt.

The game was to build on the ruins of the Real Speed We Need title, which had graphics by myself, making use of the boat sprites in particular and moving from road to sea.

The idea was that you were involved in an action film and are a professional stunt man. You would have to jump over ramps and shoot bad guys in a typical sort of James Bond ‘esq title. It sort of had shades of Super Stuntman or Sky High Stuntman by Codemasters.

Whilst making good progress, Richard hit disaster and lost a load of work from his PC. He would have to start from scratch pretty much (only having a very early set of source files backed up), but before that – he went onto several other projects first. When coming back to the game – the mess of the code at the time was problematic for Richard to go back to. Feeling completely lost, Richard decided to put the game to sea.

Here you can download a preview of the game which is very early and features RWSN’s graphics lifted and plonked straight in. It feels a little rushed so far, and there is little to interact with, but it gives an indication of the direction where the game was going.

It is likely that Richard would have added to my original graphics and gone from there, as I had no involvement in the game directly.

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Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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Richard talks about work on Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge:

“This game was originally planned to be a big development project. Which originally used some of the graphics from Real Speed We Need. The idea of the game was this:

You are involved in an action film, and you are a professional stunt boat person. The action film involves shooting across the water, jumping over ramps and shooting down the bad guys, who aim to battle against you.

This game project originally started back in April 2009, and had been left since June 2010. It was unfortunate that there was a PC crash, which lost loads of my work, and I had to buy a new PC August 2009. Which meant that I could start from scratch. Since June 2010, I moved on to different projects, and this game project remained untouched since. When I took a look at the awful source code and the way a programmed the game back at the time. I got completely lost with it, and felt that the best option, is to simply give up. Anyway all remains now is the preview.”

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  1. I’m going to be honest and say that this game looks a little boring and needed a lot of work to bring it up to a good Bayliss standard. Pity it was stopped, but it would have needed a lot more work.

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