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Denton Designs are possibly one of the most famous developers for the C64, producing the excellent Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Shadowfire.

As part of one of their later titles, Denton Designs were producing a interesting title called “Gargantuan”. This was to be developed over several formats, including the Amiga, ST and 8-bit computers.

The game was to be a 12 level scrolling shoot-em-up based on the legend of Hercules, where some levels were horizontal scrolling, some vertical, some freeform. All levels however ended with a mid-level boss and big end of level bosses.

The main ship expanded with power-ups and multiples etc. Overall the game was sounding very tasty, and one for the shoot-em-up fans (TMR/Cosine included ;) )… However it was not to be.

The game was sadly cancelled after the publisher went out of business, and Denton never managed to sell it to anyone else. This was around the time that both Stuart Fotheringham and Steve Wetherill left Denton (Steve was behind the game’s design, and coding on the Amiga).

Andreas Wallström has helped to confirm that the coder for the C64 edition was very likely Terry Sanders, and was the last C64 game he worked on. So hopefully more soon!

Not much more is currently known about the game. It will probably be very hard to find out or get in touch with anyone who may know more. So its fingers crossed something comes up.

A promising title with a powerful name!…

Contributions: Stuart Fotheringham, Steve Wetherill, Andreas Wallström

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26/06/16 – Coder likely confirmed thanks to Andreas Wallström

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