The Rebels

LK Avalon

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A nice new entry into GTW, and a really nice little game too. Slightly reminisant of the likes of Jon Well’s ‘Shaolin’ title.

It’s a single screen platformer, where the main character has to dispose of a variety of enemies which look like castaways from Bomberman on the Snes. The game also comes with a series of potions which do different things and special effects in the game. Collecting keys will allow you to block off the doors where enemies appear from.

Overall the game seems a little lacking on presentation which suggests that the game wasn’t quite complete.

As to where the game came from and some background. This game was sold in Poland by LK Avalon in 1996 as a full game (a frozen image on the tape). However, the game states "21st Century Entertainment" as the publisher. And from looking at the instructions it is indeed the case that this game was mean’t for Hewson back in 1988!… strangely it wasn’t released over here in the UK.

Recently thanks to Tomasz and Jazzcat, we have added the original tape image to the download as well as a disk rip. Enjoy!

We need to find out more details and also get confirmation from Hewson or the coders to find out more…

More soon we hope…

Contributions: mgr.inz.Player for the scans!, Tomasz

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