Germ Alert


Status: No Download, Findability: 5/5

Yet another game from Visualize which sadly got caught up in the C64’s commercial death.

This was planned to be one of the C64’s many saviours in the Games Explosion of 1994 in the UK, after all seemed to be completely lost and dead and burried.

Germ Alert was best described as a neat Bubble Bobble clone, which featured cool cartoony graphics and a slightly different aspect to the classic Bubble Bobble theme. Instead of blowing bubbles at enemies, you sprayed a bug spray to kill various bug creatures on each single screen level.

There was a small preview review placed in Commodore Format, and that was pretty much it. A few screenshots were given to give you an indication of what a neat little delight this would have been. But after the failures of the other software on Visualize’s label and lack of support, Germ Alert was shelved with another set of titles.

Jon confirms that this game was never completed, but because it was one of his favourite concepts he came up with, he DOES plan to finish it one day. Hopefully the plan will come true, and we can therefore remove it from GTW. For now, Jon has told us to keep it in the GTW archives, and give a screenshot. We will not be able to bring you any preview of the game to download, unless Jon decides to fully cancel the project.

There seems to be no music created, as there are no entries in the HVSC for the game. It is assumed that if any music was composed, it would have been done either by Jon Wells, or by Feekzoid.

Jon has kindly passed on some emulation screengrabs of the game, so you can see the game as it really looks in better

This could possibly be completed in the future for Cronosoft, but for now remains a dead project. Could this one be seen eventually, or has it been consigned to GTW forever?

A possibly great little bug spraying game!…

Contributions: Jon Wells

Supporting content

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