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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A puzzler game with our next entry which existed first as a splash screen and some graphics. The game involves you controlling a virus and having to kill a mainframe using some sort of "VOS" (Virus Operating System) from the command line.

The idea of this game was born in Teonaki’s head, he wanted to create a game in which the player would play the role of a deadly computer virus. In those days encounters with viruses were pretty common things. The game took third prize as well in a contest.

Details of the gameplay are quite scarce, but the game contains a screen which has a schematic map of a computer network with some terminals, and a main frame. Apparently the goal was to kill the main frame, through infecting machines. There was a central virus killer that removed infection from machines. According to the author – "It was a real nice real-time game."

The bottom part of the screen is occupied by some sort of a console. The player could execute commands there to control the virus, to infect another parts of the network. The commands were interpreted and executed or denied by the Virus Operating System.

Trying to remember the commands for the game, the developer lists the following commands:

* cls: Clears screen
* quit: Give up
* ver: Displays version info
* dir: Displays disk information of drive
* a: / c: (only on consoles): changes drive
* c1 – c12: changes console
* 1 / 2 / 3: changes local board
* cxx/y: changes console and board at the same time
* Some other command fragments I was able to discover, but was unable to use properly: brain, tape, hico ?, hide ?, track. I have absolutely no idea how you infect disks, machines, etc.

The game was found in a beta stage by the developer and has made its way out to the world. You can now download the preview and mess around with this interesting idea. Apart from bugs, its a playable title :-)

Go check it out…

Contributions: Zsolt Wagner

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