Go Ape!

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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

A game promoted heavily in Denmark, which was to be a Rampage clone that never got a release. Is it because Activision stepped in and stopped them, or did Keleline go under before they could get the game out?

Luckily a preview was somehow sneaked out, which could either be just an early version of the game or what remained just as it was cancelled. And its pretty neat too!… Although buggy with test code on the screen, it plays very well and has some neat presentational effects throughout. This could well have bettered the UK version of Rampage. Thanks to Ole Mogensen, we found out the developer names, which are those from the previous KeleLine games.

It did seem very likely that Activision stepped in and haulted this one, but that wasn’t the case. Carsten Holløse from World Games confirmed to us that Activision never went after them, and that it probably never even got on their radar. Carsten informs us that they even did a launch party for the game based on the demo (that we are now hosting), and Carsten is the guy dressed in the monkey suit in the scans! :-)

We also got hold of Torben Bakager Larsen, who was a producer at Kele Line, and he mentioned that he believed the coder unfortunately had to dump the project to finish his school work. Torben wasn’t sure if there was more to the game, but it is believed that this could be it. Torben did however dig out the original artwork intended for the game’s cover, and has very kindly provided us with a scan to put on the site, which you can now see on the gallery.

In recent years, it was found via a SOFT magazine article in 1987, that the development team left Kele Line and went to World Games to get their game made. There was also a credit listed to Johannes Bjerregaard for the music (which is new to us! :) ). It seems that this happened, but the game was just cancelled due to Viet finishing his school work. We have contacted someone from World Games and those days to hopefully shed some light.

An article in IC-RUN 1988 confirms that Viet signed a contract with World Games to finish the game there, but there was no release date. German Ariolasoft were to actually fully release the game too. When Viet went to finish his education, World Games tried to get another young programmer to finish it off (name cannot be recalled unfortunately), but it had to be cancelled – as there wasn’t much progress at all from the demo that was made.

The crack of the preview was released in 1989, by Rooze – who may have been friends with Viet at the time. Hopefully we might be able to contact Viet through them, but it seems that the preview is very likely the very last version of the game – with nothing more to really see. We’ll see in time!

We hope to find out more and also see if anything more of the game actually exists. Could there be a complete game out there?… Or will this be everything? Time will tell, but check it out and see what you think. A really promising Rampage clone that got bashed…

Contributions: Ole Mogensen, Mads

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Torben Bakager Larsen talks about Go Ape!:

“Go Ape looked really promising, such a nice.. ahem clone of rampage for C64 lol :P :) Not sure excactly what happened but the coder just dump the project and started to do more school work! A shame.. could have been Viet’s first great Commodore 64 game :) Almost forgot about it but remember that Viet was doing tricky sprite coding to enhance the “look” and feel.

As far as I recall the project just got sidetracked due to viet and school work. Perhaps there is more to it :P No question about it that the game would have been a great commodore 64 game if it would have been completed ;)”

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