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Electric Boys Entertainment software were certainly a busy bunch of lads, and this was another title which was being penned for a C64 commercial release by the C64 hero’s of its commercial death.

As with Defensive, the preview only shows a previously scrapped game which never got completed, and EBES were to do up the game considerably for the C64 and add support for people with Ram Link’s.

Added features were believed to be video footage and more colourful graphics and intense gameplay. Possibly in the same vein as Metal Dust now promises many hungry C64 gamers.

No work actually got started, so all that remains is quite a pleasent sideways shoot em up, with some nice graphics and music.

The reason for it being scrapped?… simply no support for EBES and their previous releases, doomed anything else that they had planned for the C64.

TMR/Cosine highlighted that there was a preview out there which has been cracked and claimed to be a 106% version, because they debugged it and added a titles page, so its actually halfway to being a game. But where is this preview?… Well, thanks to Asphodel, here it is:

Worth checking this preview out just for the cool bubble like bullets..

Another promising EBES game on the scrapheap…

Contributions: TMR/Cosine, Asphodel

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  • 2 Responses to Gyrofalcon

    1. I’m pretty sure this was one was nothing to do with EBES, I have no memory of such a game.

      • fgasking says:

        I wonder if the creators were hoping to distribute through EBES. I can’t remember exactly where the association came from, I think it was Computer Scene magazine by Richard Bowen

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