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A SEU that was being developed back around 1991 time and for years has been wrongly attributed to being a game due for release by Electric Boys Entertainment Software around 1995 time.

It is likely that EBES picked up the then already abandoned game (developed by AMOK) and planned to resurrect it, in similar fashion to Defensive (which was a God and Hake game seemingly intended for Thalamus).

It is believed that EBES were to add RAMLINK support and include features such as video footage and more colourful graphics and more intense game play. Possibly in the same vein as Metal Dust. No work actually got started from their side, so all that remains is this cool sideways shoot em up preview, with some nice graphics and music.

TMR/Cosine highlighted that there was a preview out there which has been cracked and claimed to be a 106% version, because they debugged it and added a titles page, so its actually halfway to being a game. But where is this preview?… Well, thanks to Asphodel, here it is:

Russ Michaels from EBES could not recall them taking on the game. Hedning/GP did some digging and research and confirmed that the game was from around 1991, as all the cracks of the game were from that time. He established that Amok were the people behind the game as pretty much every crack referred to them, which was a game division (of sorts) of Genesis Project at the time. It is believed that “Electric Boyz” released a crack of the game back in the day, and this caused the confusion (of GTW64 in particular!) of EBES being involved at a later date with the game.

So what happened and why was the original development cancelled? We hope to find out more soon and what was planned for it.

Contributions: TMR/Cosine, Asphodel, Hedning/GP

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17/12/19 – Complete tidy up of the entry, addition of all the available previews into one download. All thanks to Hedning/GP.

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    • I wonder if the creators were hoping to distribute through EBES. I can’t remember exactly where the association came from, I think it was Computer Scene magazine by Richard Bowen

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