Hidden Doors

Express Artworx

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

After some impressive introduction screens, you are greeted with a preview which doesn’t seem to look like very much at all, until you get playing.

The preview looks a bit out dated, but plays fairly well in typical old-school fashion. In this ‘platform’s and ladders’ game, you must simply flick the switches and get to the exit without time running out. Not too much to do, but somehow quite addictive and worth a few goes.

A few elements would have hopefully been added to a final version of the game, as a completed version left like this would have recieved average grades.

The preview is fairly large, with a few screens to play on. Jack Alien recently contacted GTW regarding the game, confirming that the game was never sadly completed. The idea came from the classic "The Castles Of Dr Creep", and was started in 1994. Sadly, C Schramm lost interest in the C64 scene and the game was scrapped. Sadly the source code was also lost.

All that remains is the preview here, and also a intro screen which Jack Alien kindly donated to GTW, which was intended to be used for the final game. This is now included in the zip download above.

So, a good little game which never quite got complete, and never will sadly.

Case closed…

Contributions: Jack Alien

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Creator speaks

Jack Alien speaks about work on Hidden Doors...

"We had the idea for this small game as Suicide and me talked about The Castles of Dr.Creep where you have also to flick switches, too.

So we started to code this game in a late night back in 1994 but we never finished this. Suicide had all
the sourcecode for that game which still featured some small bugs. This game was cancelled as Suicide lost all the interests in C64 and left the scene. He cancelled also all contacts, even me."

Jack Alien .

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